Welcome to Reclaiming the Light, the central page for all of Katie Gallanti's work.

Katie Gallanti, MS, MA is a healer, teacher and writer with a varied academic and esoteric background, with articles published in various magazines around the world.

Katie is an intuitve and visionary with a multi-lives understainding of the collective shift we are undergoing. With her work (writing, teaching, healing and radio) she aims to bring her contribution to the transformation of our collective reality, as we approach a potent time in human and galactic history.

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Consultations - General Overview

Katie provides powerful metaphysical, personal growth and energy clearing consultations, for people wanting to blast through their resistances into higher levels of consciousness and being. In Particular, Katie offers help in the areas listed below. Session prices range from $75 to $225 per session, depending on length and complexity of the work. Feel free to email for enquiries.

  • Relationships
  • Life direction
  • Work and career
  • Spouses/children/divorce
  • Money, prosperity, manifestation techniques
  • Intuitive guidance oh health and nutrition

  • Resolving blockages from their past and childhood via inner child and sub-personality work
  • Reconnecting people to their higher self, multidimensional aspects, Soul and higher dimensional helpers of positive polarity
  • Exploration of personal past life history, Soul origins and with the healing of past life issues

  • Energy field and chakra clearing, repair and upgrade
  • Clearing of spaces, houses, etc of dark energy and entities, setting high energy anchors in the home
  • Assistance with entity possessions, entity releasement and removal of departed loved ones

  • Integrating and healing issues such as psychic disturbances, psychic attack, entity possession, peak experiences, rapid awakening, abduction experiences, extra-dimensional contact, psychic phenomena
  • Clearing and healing of a host of energetic disturbances associated with these experiences and that are specific to those who are awakening to their multidimensionality and higher levels of consciousness

  • Assistance with meditation practice and metaphysical knowledge and techniques
  • Assistance for healers, intuitives, metaphysicians and psychics that need help with their path, their clients and their practice
  • DNA, Chakra and energy field actications
  • Assistance with creating a conscious connection with guides, councils, multidimensional aspects and the Soul
  • Undertsanding of Soul origins and reasons for being in a body at this time
  • Overall Mentoring on the path towards higher consciousness and multidimensional awareness

  • Help with navigating what is true or not true in the journey we are are all undertaking as we see through the veil of the powers that be
  • Help with clarification of conspiracy information of all kinds

  • Astrology: Birth Chart Analysis
  • Astrology: Transits and Progressions
  • Astrology: Synasty-Relationship Compatibility Analaysis

Feel free to write with inquiries regarding any issue you are dealing with from the mundane to the esoteric, so that I can determine if I can provide the assistance that you are seeking. Address your inquiries to