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Katie Gallanti, MS, MA is a healer, teacher and writer with a varied academic and esoteric background, with articles published in various magazines around the world.

Katie is an intuitve and visionary with a multi-lives understainding of the collective shift we are undergoing. With her work (writing, teaching, healing and radio) she aims to bring her contribution to the transformation of our collective reality, as we approach a potent time in human and galactic history.

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About Katie

Katie Gallanti, MS, MA is a healer, teacher and writer with a varied academic and esoteric background. She has been a healer and teacher of metaphysics for the past twelve years and her articles have been published in various magazines around the world since 2004, with topics ranging from spirituality, personal growth, adolescent psyshcology, consciousness and current affairs.

Katie is a visionary and powerful intuitive, with full recall of most of the her past lives. She is an energy clairevoyant for both people and the planet and its shifts.

As a healer she specializes in removal of dark energies, chakra work and trauma work, assisting people with removing and healing trauma from childhood all the way to the birth of the Soul.She also helps people connect to their higher dimensional teams and higher dimensional aspects, so they can bring more light into themselves and into the world.

While focused on the individual as far as her healing work is concerned, most of Katies writing, teaching and radio work are aimed at supporting and shifting the collective reality, as we approach a potent time in humanity's history.

Academic Credentials

Katie holds a BS Degree In Physics (minor Mathematics) and an MS Degree in Theoretical Solid State Physics, awarded summa cum laude from one of Europes oldest universities (Parma, Italy, 1986-1992). Katie also holds a professional math teacher's credential in the UK (1993); a brief counseling certificate from Ealing College (London, 1996); an MA degree in Transpersonal Psychology (2009); and is currently completing her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology.

Metaphysical Credentials

Katie also holds certifications in Astrology from the Faculty of Astrological Studies (London, 1997-2000); Basic and Advanced certificates in Spiritual Response Therapy (USA, 2000-2004);Graduate and Teacher certifications in the Awakening your Light Body energy centers activation method as taught by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer (1998,2004); Reiki I and II Certification (2000).

Katie also has studied and read a vast body of work within the psychology, healing and esoteric field, examples of which are subpersonality work (Voice Dialogue, Hal and Sidra Stone); various teachings which use guided imegery and shamanic inner journeying, for accessing the subconscious and super conscious worlds, including past lives; and a vast body of esoteric literature.