Welcome to Reclaiming the Light, the central page for all of Katie Gallanti's work.

Katie Gallanti, MS, MA is a healer, teacher and writer with a varied academic and esoteric background, with articles published in various magazines around the world.

Katie is an intuitve and visionary with a multi-lives understainding of the collective shift we are undergoing. With her work (writing, teaching, healing and radio) she aims to bring her contribution to the transformation of our collective reality, as we approach a potent time in human and galactic history.

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Deep Chakra Clearing and Repair

This clearing includes research and energy removal of past life blocks and repair of etheric damage and a host of other clearing and removal techniques aimed at creating most suitable opening of the chakras. Ideally one would go through one chakra at a time, slowly over a period of time. The chakra is the focal point of the clearing, but much past life and Akashic record research and karmic clearing is part of the process of chakra activation also. Alongside energy surgery, at each level, if required.

Most people have some degree of blockage in all chakras. However typically the most damaged are the Sacral Chakra (sexual abuse issues in past lives), the Solar Plexus (power issues in past lives) and the Third Eye (psychic damage issues from past lives). All chakras need to be cleared and aligned for optimum energy function. Once cleared, the alignment can lead to the right setting for the spontaneous awakening of the full circulation of light around and inside the body. As well as the base for spontaneous activation of the light body.

While having clear chakras and fully functioning light vehicles  can be considered a "spiritual adept" path, this is not quite so at this time of transformation and increased light on the Earth plane. When the light rises beyond a certain point, clear chakras are required to be able to handle the increased voltage. Clear chakras and well conducting energy fields are going to be increasingly important from now on, as the energies reaching Earth increase exponentially.

Prices for chakra clearing and repair services vary. Damage/repair may be extensive or minimal, requiring one or multiple sessions. I suggets strating with a "Chakra Assessment Consultation" - which can be done via email, on skype or on the phone - and then taking it from there. This way I can get a precise sense of where you are at and advise accordingly.

Chakra work which is extensive, such as connected to a major life theme or connected to a series of past lives, may require multiple sessions carried out over a period of time. Feel free to email me at regarding your situation and/ or for an intial consultation.