Welcome to my website, where you will find information about healing, our energetic reality and links to my current writing, blogs, radio appearances, radio shows, articles, and information about all things planetary shift… I trust you will find something here that assists you in your process and that inspires you to do or continue to do your piece in the great work that we are all involved with, as we shift our collective being towards its original and true North: the reality of the Soul and the light of Source.

In the process of rebuilding this website and all its pages will eventually reflect new energies and purpose …. :-) Many pages are missing, as I am, like the planet, in transition ;-) … feel free to contact me regarding the pieces you don’t find.

I was on hiatus for a couple years while completing my dissertation. My PhD is now completed and I have graduated this September 2019. I now have to time to reboot my work and a new version of this site will be also complete soon. In the meantime, feel free to contact me with your questions, inquiries about sessions and energy work, etc., both here and on my FB page. You can also find me on Instagram under Planetary Shifters. Feel free to check both, if you are interested in updates.

Much love :-)